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Acid Stains & Epoxy

Acid Stains and Epoxy Bring Turn Boring Floors Into Works Of Art

When it comes to creating a beautiful concrete surface – old or new and inside or outside – you certainly cannot go wrong with acid stains and epoxy. 

Acid stains and epoxy can give an original, classy look that will turn boring old concrete into a work of art.

A Look At Acid Stains

This process of beautifying and coloring floors occurs because of the chemical reactive stain. With acid stains, a concrete floor can produce an old timey outcome that’ll never peel or fade.

Stamped concrete and concrete floors can have acid stains applied to them to produce that long-lasting effect.

A Look At Epoxy

The process of epoxy means floors become seamless and durable – no grout lines that will get dirty and no seams that will peel. All customers get with epoxy flooring is a beautiful concrete floor. 

And, best of all, epoxy-covered concrete floors have little to no upkeep with them and will last for years.

It doesn’t matter what kind of concrete you have – driveway pavement, walkway, pool deck, patio, etc. – acid stains and epoxy can give it a new life.

If you’re tired of looking at the “lifeless” concrete surrounding your home, it’s time to give it acid stains and epoxy. Call us for your free estimate at 954-419-3671 and see how we can help you give it some “life”.


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